What Kind Of Real Estate Do You Want?

What do you think about when planning to purchase real-estate in Spain? Chances are your major concern is your budget. Next on your list are local facilities, access to transportation, and finally the climate. There will be exceptions of course, because some people immigrate to Spain for the climate. Other factors that enter into your decision making when you think of Spanish property will be, the employment/business opportunities. You already know that Spain has a lower cost of living and the absence of rush hours. Are you going to settle in an expatriate community? There are many throughout the country.


So, what kind of real estate do you want? Would you like to own an apartment, a townhouse, a villa, or fincas/cortijos? Are you thinking of a contemporary or historic property? Some finca/cortijo have separate guest houses large stables, a swimming pool, and large paddocks for horses. If you’re planning to stay for a long time, you’ll discover that these are usually irrigated, and planted as orchards. You consider restoring rural property. The best way to discover what’s best for you and your household, is to research your immigration thoroughly.

The Internet has numerous excellent addresses that allow you to learn and accomplish your research and preparation for your impending move to Spain. You will also discover numerous websites that inform you about the opportunities for purchasing real estate in Spain. You’ll also learn about the rules and regulations of this kind of purchase.

You’ll do well to properly search those websites and make contact those estate agents. Talk to expatriates on forums as well as viewing the discussion boards, will inform you about other expatriates experiences and their recommendations for estate agents. Property agents are not registered or governed in Spain. It’s very much buyer beware. The Spanish Bureaucracy doesn’t seem to know what will protect the buyer.

Don’t hand over any money to a seller without your Abogado’s advice. Remember deposits are non-refundable. Think about renting for a year or two after you arrive in Spain. This will allow you find out if it Spain fits your way of life. If you can, maintain a base in your homeland you’ll have an option should things not work out. Make sure that you purchase is fully legal. Your Abogado will advise you.

Choose professionals Abogado who will be your solicitor/lawyer that will assist you with the house buying process to keep things legal. You’ll discover illegal properties in Spain to make certain you get good legal advice. Do listen to the recommendations from other expatriates regarding a good Abogado. They’ve been there. Stick to your budget that you drew up when researching. Within the Spanish bureaucracy, property can always cost more than you think.


The best places for your kids in Istanbul

Minia Turk

This open garden includes more than a hundred small forms of Turkish buildings depict the Ottoman structures for Istanbul it has also high definition for all Turkey

The total size of the garden is 60.000 square meters and it is considered the largest forms garden in the world.

Play and Learn

It is for the kids until the age of 6. It gives a lot of activities which make the kids learn during playing with a very familiar and comfortable environment for them

The activities include some arts for the kids and handmade tools, Puppets Theater, simple tests. Finger tools and many entertainment things for the kids

The Play and learn building is located behind the German hospital. It is 5 minutes by walking

The Rahmi M.Koc Museum

This industrial museum is located at the coast of the golden horn. And it is date back to the 19th century

It is very good museum for the kids because it contains entertainment events and plays such as climbing inside the old cars and get inside the divines

It is also including 2 restaurants inside the building itself

Basilica Cistern

One of the largest tankers which was established in the 6th century it is the only tanker that open its doors for visitors. It is specialized with its magical color. It contains 336 columns to support the roof. It is very beautiful place and can be enjoyable for everyone in the family

Read more about Turkish culture and architecture 


Five attractive places in Turkey

Turkey is a magical land and it cannot be denied whether in the west or east. The multi cultures and traditions gave it its magical in addition to its beautiful blue beaches and its beautiful nature which make it a very good destination for those who would like to spend a pleasurable vacation.

Also Turkey is known through the history with its humble and friendly people where guaranteed the coming back of every visitor to it. Whether it is your first time in Turkey or you visited it before so there are specific places you have to visit them these places are very rich with their history and beauty

Monastery in western east Turkey

It is overlooking Altinder oasis with wonderful views which include high mountains and waterfalls. It is a monastery with 1600 years old. And it is one of the most interesting tourism places in Turkey because of its religious and culture importance in addition to its perfect location which lay on 1200 meter high

Some mythologies say the Greek Orthodoxies were the one who established this monastery in this location two monks found a statue for the Virgin Marry in a cave near to the location of the monastery and they understood that as a message from God the Monastery is closed from the public on August 15 every year when the religious orthodoxies attend with only 500 persons

In addition to the holy pray places this building is open for everyone to visit and it includes places like the kitchen the bed rooms, study rooms, library and receptions which was used in the past to welcome the guests who are passing this area

One of the most interesting rooms in this building is the stone church which contains historical wall paintings which depict pictures of the Virgin Marry and Jesus Christ.

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The magical Landmark in Pamuk

turkish-monasteryThis historical location in Denizli south of Turkey is the most popular places and it can be visited among all the other villages and places which are located in on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

Pamuk in the Turkish language means cotton and its name depicts its beautiful land which is covered with snow and its magical agriculture lands of the cotton farms. It has been said that when you visit this place in a specific month during the year you can see clear rose color in the sky during the sunset

Kabadokya underground

Kabadokya is popular with its cities which are located underground and they were built to protect the citizens from the invasions. In those underground cities there are wide holes for ventilation. The city can take to 20 thousand persons.

The underground city has opened its doors for the public in 1964 and it has many passages which lead to many places to like the old churches and the provision storages. It contains 8 levels underground

The Beehive in Harran

The houses in this place have built with the shape of the beehive. The houses were built out of mud and stones and they give a sandy look. Those houses are made to keep the temperature moderate during the year.

Aya Sophia in Istanbul

When you mention Aya Sophia that means the perfect and the beautiful architecture which is exist today as an example to prove the perfection of the art during the Byzantine Ottoman era. Aya Sophia has been known as one of the greatest holy building during two periods The Christian and the Islamic periods

In the beginning Aya Sophia was established to be a church in the old city Constantinople (Current Istanbul) in the 6th century and after the invasion of the ottomans the church changed to be a mosque


Turkish traditions you might not know

Turkish traditions you might not know

It is like any country. Turkey does have many social traditional rules and to discover that you must live long enough among the Turkish society. In this topic we give you those Turkish traditions which you can find in Turkey and also to make you know how to deal with different situations.

  1. Don’t leave Early

In Turkey if you were invited to someone’s home and lift before mid-night it could be a message that you didn’t like the way you were treated in this house. Usually Turkish people are enjoying the long hour visits and enjoy drinking Raki during night.

  1. Sharing foods

Sharing foods is a very important thing in the Turkish society. For example if you had guests in your home and you offered them foods or drinks you should eat from the same food you offered it. Another example if you were sick and have been offered a food from someone you should get the dish back with another kind of food that you chose in the same dish. This behavior is very popular in the Turkish society

  1. When you say it is enough:

Before and after meals and as a first thing in the morning and last thing in the evening tea is the most popular drink among Turkish people. They drink a lot of it every day even with the hot weather they can drink liters of that tea. However when you were offered a cup of tea you can find your hosts ready to refill your cup one more time without even telling them to do and this process could be repeated over and over again so you have to put the tea spoon on the top of the cup which means it is enough for you

  1. old people first

In Turkey old people get so much respect from the society for example if were about to enter a room so you have first to let the old people to enter the room before you.

  1. Presents

You must put it in mind that presents are very important in the Turkish society when you are invited to someone’s home make sure to have a present such as chocolate. Flowers, delicious pies, Sweets, and be careful not to give any alcoholic drinks as a gift unless you make sure your hosts drink them

  1. Take off your shoes

You must take off your shoes when you visit someone’s home and put them in front of the door even if the hosts told you not to. In the Turkish society this behavior is very important

  1. Pay for Dinner

One of the common traditional behaviors in the Turkish society is to pay for someone’s dinner. The individual payment for dinner or any food among friends or hosts is something very weird in the Turkish society. And if you offered to pay for your dinner the offer will be politely refused from your hosts and all you can do is to thank them and you can later do the same to them in another situation

  1. Politics

You must to know that Turkish people are very fanatic for their country and most of the time they have their strong positive opinions in politics. One of the horrible things is to insult the Turkish flag or to insult the founder of the Turkish republic Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. It is a very bad behavior among Turkish people which they consider it as a personal insulting. Turkish flag is very honorable in Turkey you can’t sit on it or put it on the ground or use it badly as a wipe or something.

  1. Your personal space

It could be weird for some nationalities but it is normal among Turkish people they don’t leave you get your personal space in some situations as you were used to. Some of them could stand beside you while you are speaking and you don’t have to go back because it could be considered as a bad behavior. Also to touch someone without their permission is not a polite thing

  1. To Begin a Conversation

To begin a conversation with the Turkish people you may start talking about the Turkish history. Turkish people are very proud with their history and land and they will be so excited to answer you. One of the common conversations among Turkish people also is the football which is very important in Turkey. The most popular teams in The Turkish football are Galatasaray, Besktas and Fenarbahce. When it comes to politics you have to know that Turkish people are experts in the political conversations so it would be better if you step away from the political conversations unless if you want the conversation to be a dynamic one

  1. The Names

In Turkey men usually are called by their first names and then followed by Bek which means master for example Kameron Bek. Women are called with their first names and followed by the word Hanim. If they have professional title so they have to be called with. Not for doctors or teacher just with lawyers (Avocat), Engineer (Muhendis).

  1. Water for luck

In Turkey when a person put salts over someone’s shoulders that means good wishes before journeys. Also one of the common things in Turkey is pour some water behind someone when they go for a long distance and you can find them saying words like ‘’ su gibi git, gel ‘’ which means like water go and come

  1. Be careful when you use your hands

Sometimes we use our hands when we talk and don’t know what it could mean when we make a specific gesture. In Turkey for example when you put your index finger and thumb as a circle shape such as O letter it means that person is pervert. So don’t try to make such a gesture. Another gesture when you combine your index finger with your middle finger that could be very insulting and bad one

  • Some of the things that you should avoid in Turkey
  1. Blowing from your nose or sucking your teeth during meals these are very bad behaviors in Turkey
  2. Putting your leg in front of others
  3. Do not point finger to someone
  4. Chewing gum while you are talking is not a polite thing
  5. Swearing in public or be drunk in public are very bad thing in Turkey

Besides all these rules you must to know that Turkish people are very friendly and kind and they will do their best for you to please you. They won’t care so much if you did some simple mistakes and for them as a foreigner they don’t expect you to know all the rules and they will appreciate that when they see you trying to follow these steps.





Istanbul’s third airport

Istanbul third airport which will be the largest airport in the world and it is located in a city where already two airports are exist which are considered the most crowded airports in the world they are Ataturk airport in the European side and Sabiha airport in the Asian side and it was opened in 2009 in less than a year witnessed a great activities and huge number of passengers

The great number of the passengers in the other two airports led to the establishment of a third airport in Istanbul to avoid the crowds and for the capacity to welcome more passengers in Istanbul. The new airport will also include very reasonable prices and offers.

The airport can take about 80 million passengers yearly which means the increasing of the tourists who are coming to Turkey. This increasing also means the economic increasing for Turkey in addition to the social services which will be offered from the airport. The interest from the new airport yearly will be about 22 billion and 152 million euro. And it will be used for 25 years by the establish company and then it will be taken by the Turkish government

The third Turkish airport will put Turkey in a very important rank globally and it will support the tourism in Turkey also the economic growth in almost all sides. In addition it will increase the demands of the real estates in Turkey from the people and from the investors which in turn it will lead for increasing the prices of the properties in Turkey and in Istanbul in exact.